July 30, 2012

Women Cursed

August is about to come and I found my self drool for this shoes, I'm not going to buy it all but I wish I could have 'em all XD Let's take closer for what I droll of. 

The shoes that I've been watching and investigate lately are from Up Wedges and Adorable Project. I've been stalkes these website for a month and I picked these item and it wasn't so easy picking them. 
Don't be so curious about my pick just visit their webstore or you will get your favourites out of stock.

July 26, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

Ramadhan is coming !

This month will be my Third month with AB 
And today was my first date with him on this Month , we are going to watch The Dark Knight Rises this afternoon.
My comment about the movie ? it's has a great plot story even I do never like Batman.
well, I was making some experiment with my new skirt and it's my first time ever using a long skirt *duh* because I'm afraid it may make me look more tiny :'
but today I don't care and try to wear it out and I got a little compliment from AB *happy inside*

Let's take a look my outfit today , I hope I looks lovely on this 

what do you think ? do I Look lovely on this ? *hoping

Oh, I just found this cute pic from this awesome blog , use this pic too if you are one of us :D

Well , I'll catch you later on the next moment ! love you all 

July 23, 2012

Fresh Cappuccino !

Finally, after learn some technique I can change the blog header !

The old blog's name which is :

transform into :

I'm not good at design so I'm very happy with my own made banner whether it's good or not :p

while I'm work with this banner I also working on My Boyfie Birthday Project! His day will be on 1st August this year. I hope I can give something that he'll never forget. I'll keep you guys waiting what project I'm working on , I will let you know when the time is come :D Just wait patienly :3

My Lazy DAY

Well, today the holiday seasons for college, so I did stuck in my own house. Surfing , browsing , reading all day , ecspecialy today. Duh :/
I need the real holiday, by the way I just started try to make account on bloglovin and it's my very fisrt time .__.

I don't have any android or IPhone so never tried this thing. and they told me to published a post with the link they given to me so I can start using it. I wish my dad someday could let me having an Ipad soon :3

but hey try to follow me here ! :D Hehhe
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July 20, 2012

Current Favourite Website

this is my currently favourite wedges online shop , they are made shoes on order , meet them Up! The owner of these shop is Diana Rikasari ( the famous Indonesian fashion Blogger ) 

They also do some charity for Scholarship Program. For every pair of shoes you purchase on UP you donate 5.000 direct to this program. How nicely <3

and also recently I've bought one pair of them ! XD
They said that estimated arrival time would be 7th on August.

 I Hope they will come in time. I can't wait to meet my very first Up shoes <3
Well, see you on the next moment guys !