January 26, 2014

Short Holiday ♬

Assalamu'alaikum :)
Sunday is over and Monday is waiting ahead. But I'm still on my holiday weeks~ hhaa so happy 

These post was #Throwback on December 2013 while I was in Ubaya Training Center on Trawas for one night stay. We've had a big family gathering there. It was such a quality time for a big family that can only met for once a year because their jobs. Because in there was too cold and make me lazy to do a lot of things. ( cold is my weakness. I can't stand it :( ). So I just make few captue with my cousins and my brother. Here's some of it :)

My Favourite Yogurt! My day will be brighter if I had one of it ^^

My Younger Brother! He's taller than me now ^^;
Ready to explore the place

Selfie Photo before I go ~
Scarf : Unbranded
Tops : Flashy
Sweater : RSCH
Pants : Levi's
Flats : Payless

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January 23, 2014

Like Mother Like Daughter

Good Morning !
Happy Thursday for you ! :)
Right now I'm preparing some outfit to make a photoshoot. So I think I'll just post photos from 2013 that hasn't been posted on this blog yet.

That day I'm just having fun with family as usual on weekend but My dad and lil Bro wasn't get any single capture that day :(

I tried using eyeliner for the second time and here's the result. definitely need more practice.

Here's my Mom. do we look a like? :)


January 20, 2014

Lazy Monday

Hello fellas ♡
Even if it's holiday doesn't mean you can be lazy-ing all day long. So I decided to make new face for my blog!
As you can see (*if you noticed it ) I've just put a new banner for my blog it's comes from random thing while I search some material. And I've changed the icon for my sosmed account too. It's turns out cute hehe :3
And I make one more change on the blog. Can you notice it? Tell me :p

Happy Monday anyway !

The view from my room 
I just think to post about food or something related to culinary since I love trying unique food and taste something new to suit my apetite. What do you think ?
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January 18, 2014

Blends Denim with Red

Here we go again !

Holidays comin' for college student :3
yay ! ;D
let's prepare for worth and memorable holiday xoxo,

Last week before the holiday start. Me and my friends went to the rooftop of my rented Apartment :)
those place were perfect place to take ootd oufit photo I think hehe :)) 
Here's our best shot ! 
Don't forget to tell me what you think , okay? :)

And then few hours later I've bring more friend to join us and change my outfit. Well I just removed the denim vest and my jeans then wears my denim jacket and my sweet red long skirt <3

Me before photoshoot and my new glasses <3

Scarf : Unbranded
Tribal Top : DnP Store (My friend's online shop) 
Vest : Gaudi 
Jacket : Gaudi
Skirt : Unbranded 
Wedges : DnC Shoes
Jeans : 90 degress 

and I've said on last post to write my Resolution on 2014, right? well, let's see. 
  1. GPA above 3,5 ( for engineering student get GPA above 3,5 or more is really hard for average student you know? :"( )
  2. Drive my own Ride. ( hope daddy will give me one)
  3. Boyfriend (?)
  4. Enter the desired laboratory for thesis and final project. (yay! wish me luck ) 
  5. Practical Work (Kerja Praktek) runs smoothly. 
  6. Start to build my own Bussiness !
  7. Spend More fo Shopping ! (That's why I want to start my own Bussines :3)
  8. Mre diligent prayer, fasting, reading the Qur'an and charity
  9. Wish Me Luck guys! 
I hope I can acheved my own resolution this year. Amin :)

see you on my next post! 
Eka Patriargadani 


January 11, 2014

Hello January ♡

Well, I haven't said Happy New Year to on 1st January since that was my busy week to prepare my final exam for this semester :(

So Happy New Year 2014 !!
and I hope all your wish and hard work would be realize in this year !

Lass week I've bought something cute online and cheap enough. You don't have to buy something expensive to get the best look, you know ?

So how's Your New Year Revolution ?
Me? I'm still think about it and I'm going to tell you on the next post ! ;)

What do you think of this rainbow sunnies ? :) 

Holiday season is about to start for me it's to refresh thing from lecture and prepare to have the best holiday on this season !
but the holiday in this season quite short anyway :( 
after all, Have a Great Holiday all ! 

this photo was edited with vsco cam and then beautiful mess app ! Cute isn't it?