September 22, 2015

QOTD : Life Lessons

In Life there's something you'll learn at school, from your parents, your friends or from a book. But sometimes there's some lesson that you'll understand after you finally experience it. 
I like searching some quote or life lesson from a book or some mangas or even from drama and tv series. There's some scene or chapter on a book or on the drama that it's words or sentence helped me understand what I've been through. 
I will like "Oh, So that's the word to describes my state / feeling / situation right now" 

That's why I love reading book or manga and watching drama. When there's a new story there will be a new lesson that I will learned. ^^ 
How about you? 
Here some quotes from #88 Love Life By Diana Rikasari. This book is so colorfull and the words is so beautiful. That's why this book always became best seller every week. 


  1. Great post dear!

  2. Excellent post. I'm your new GFC follower # 167 if you want to come on my blog ♡

  3. great post! love that quotes :)

  4. I love reading her book, every page has a lovely quote

    nice to visit your blog :)

  5. I read this book on the book store, took some snaps (sorry) and looove it!


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